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South African Safari Accommodations

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South African Safari Accommodations

  • Clive Carelse

Most people don’t quite know what to expect from the lodge for their first safari experience and this blog is designed to put your mind a bit more at ease. The lodges are anywhere from 3 to 5-star accommodation and range in size from small and private to much larger with more amenities on the grounds. The accommodation will include all meals that you will need during your time there, but most do not include beverages outside of water, tea, and coffee. Smaller lodges usually offer set menu choices for their guests while bigger lodges typically have a buffet style for food with many food choices including local choices as well as international foods. Smaller camps can offer a more private and quiet experience with plenty of time to relax and soak in the nature around you. Larger lodges have pools, spas, optional activities between game drives so that you can make your trip as relaxing or activity based as you want to make it.

Kapama Game Reserve is the accommodation used in our classic safari tour. This reserve has 4 different camps and our tour uses the River lodge for the stay. The River Lodge is larger in size and offers a fantastic pool area, spa, bar area, as well as activities offered during leisure time. All meals offer a wide range of food and are served as a buffet, so there is never a meal you will not find something you like. They truly excel in customer service and can make arrangements to help meet any needs you will have throughout your stay. Working with Kapama, we have the ability to use one of their other 3 lodges to best meet your needs, if you have certain preferences about your stay. Karula lodge is their flagship lodge whose spa recently won the top award at the 2017 Haute Grandeur Global Hotel and Spa Awards. Buffalo Camp is a luxury tented camp where there are only 10 tents offering you a more intimate experience with nature and you must be 16 years or older to be a guest. Southern camp is a unique blend between the Karula Lodge and Buffalo Camp. All of the lodges Kapama has to offer are 5 star lodges and earned the TripAdvisor certificate of excellence for the 8 years running.

Whatever it is you want from a lodge and your experience in South Africa, we can find it.

Africa on Foot is the lodge of choice for our explorer safari. This lodge is much smaller offering only 5 chalets; 2 big and 3 small as well as a treehouse if you would like to truly stay out in nature for the evening. They do have a pool for leisure time that can be a draw to the wildlife in the surrounding area as well as a bush bar that is set up in the natural environment outside the lodge. Our explorer safari focuses on walking safaris where you travel on foot every day out amongst nature to experience safari and all it has to offer from a different perspective. Africa on Foot is the winner of the best walking safari in Africa, they are the best at what they do. They have set choices for meals due to fewer guests at a time but are accommodating as possible to dietary restrictions and needs. Africa on Foot also uses solar power to operate all of its electricity needs, so they are promoting luxury and sustainability all in one.

The fact of the matter is that Africa has the same amenities, quality of service, and great accommodation that you can find around the globe. You can always find a lodge to meet your needs and budget. Our company, Savanna Safaris can offer help you find the best property and tour for you as well as design a tour based on your specifications and budget. Whatever it is you want from a lodge and your experience in South Africa, we can find it.